Meet the Author


Terri-lee - 32
(on a good day... lol)

This pic is a little dated, but its Curly girl (9), Curly Boy (6), Curly Tot (2.5) 
and Curly Bub due Aug 2018

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm Terri-lee. 
This is a place I hope will empower and encourage mums. 
My passion has always and will always be family. My heart is at home, no matter where I am or whatever I am doing, it all comes back to the beautiful family that God has blessed me with, and creating a wonderful life with and for them. This blog is a place to share my journey, ideas and thoughts. I hope it will inspire and help anyone reading it, or at least make you feel welcome and understood. I do not fit into any categories well. I can use labels, such as "Christian" or "Semi-Crunchy" or "Reformed" or "Homeschool mum" but...that basically puts me in a neat little box for you when I'm sitting in more of a slippery paddle pool just winging it and finding my way. So, let's free ourselves from those boxes and just be who we are. Individuals.
I love to write, I always have, But I do not live to write therefore this blog is slow going. Nonetheless it is my little world outside of the "have-to-do's" that we as adults all encounter.
I am the creative type and over the years so far have taken on may different "hobbies" I suppose you could call them, such as Ukulele, Bible Journalling, Cake Decorating and Sewing. But I always come back to writing. It is something that never leaves me and something I hope that will be able to reach many people and benefit them in some way, someday.

I have three children (pictured above) with another on the way, and there is also a husband. A very good, exceptionally amazing husband. His name is Rob. Rob doesn't do social media, fancy photos, or pretty much anything the blogworld requires, so you will have to use your imagination. He is 40, has insanely curly black hair, blue eyes, and goes by the name "Papa" in our home. You might catch a glimpse of him with children all over him over on our instagram account, if you're lucky.
That's us. We live together on a small acreage in Western Australia, We homeschool our children and run our own business together. We have our trials just like everyone else, but we are thoroughly happy and know a peace that passes circumstance. I hope you enjoy my blog, I take joy in sharing my life with you.

Living for Him,