Week 3 - A is for Apple - Adam & Eve

This week we had a very apply week. Cutting them up and counting the seeds, using them to do some apple print paintings, eating them, making Apple and cinnamon muffins and doing math with them. It was a cruisy but fun week.
I decided to write numbers 1 - 20 and a + and minus, on the back of the apples that were stamped onto paper, then laminate and cut out. They have been a great learning tool. We counted with them. "Picked" them out of a tree and tried a bit of pattern sequencing too.
When they were first laminated they looked so good I almost kept them as placemats! Then I thought how good they would look framed as a picture for the schoolroom... but I knew they'd get alot of use cut into individual apples so went ahead and did that.
Curly Girl also did a foot/hand painting of an apple tree. But instead of using her fingerprints to make the apples she decided she wanted to use her red bingo marker :-)
We also had fun with a big cardboard "art and craft shop) that my Dad brought over for us to paint... lots and lots of mess. FUN!