Week 2 - G is for Garden - Creation

There goes another week! Week 2 of the God's little explorer's curriculum and this week was all about Gardens/creation. We made the creation book which was fun. I had Curly Girl trace the letters of the last page instead of sticking the printable words on. Gave her some lettering opportunity.
We also did a seed experiment. We were supposed to use flower seeds but I didnt have any so used a variety of vegetable seeds. One sprouted (I wasnt sure if any would in just 5 days!) So we got to check that out. (pic at bottom of post)
 We spent plenty of time outside taking pictures of flora and so on. And looking through pics we had taken over the year of the various flowers and plants that grow in each season. (one day I may upload a few of them haha)
Curly Girl spent alot of time drawing her own pictures and my personal favorite was when she drew flowers for the first time. (Everything that has a circle or a gap in it has a face these days) But this is too cute :-) She drew little groups of flowers too which are on the fridge.
We had a very busy week this week so I didnt get to take many photos, or even stop to remember half of what we did! I plan on slowing things down next week as its good for us to really enjoy what we are doing at a leisurely pace. Despite the fast pace, this week saw the little lady really learn and retain alot of new understanding which has been a joy to see.
Here is the one seed that sprouted:

Here are a couple of our favourite pictures of our own garden/block. These aren't the ones from this week, I may or may not get around to uploading those haha.