Scitech Toddlerfest 2014

Well that was fantastic! Scitech once again didnt fail to deliver. We went to Toddlerfest today and it was brilliant! Heaps more to do this year too if thats even possible. If you have never been to this event before, go this week! Or pen it in for next year. This is our second time at Scitech's toddlerfest and once again we enjoyed it very much.
There are a huge amount of activities for kiddies ages 0-5 to do. CurlyBoy 1.5 and Curly Girl 4 had an absolute ball! Shadow Puppets, periscope, huge utensil drumkit, ball pit, animal farm,  constructon corner with wheelbarrows/foam bricks/pulleys etc (curly girls favourite area), lego car racing, slinky experiment, giant bubbleblowing, puppet shows, music performances, mini aquarium, mini-tornado display, heaps of manipulatives with balls, art and craft workshops... you could spend all day there without getting bored. Worth every dollar.
One display that was new and interesting was a huge interactive projection of a cartoon town with info about the importance of water. Why we need it etc. You could touch the projected picture and use your finger to direct the rain to the best places (underground dam etc) and then use your palm to erase it and start again.

There was a display of a few billy karts which CurlyGirl wanted to take home so we could "race down the road on a windy day"... we took instructions home on how to make them. Looks like a great project for her to try out with her Papa.

If your planning on visiting, bring your own lunch, because most days they have  nothing but junk food vending machines. The cafe downstairs is too small to cater to the hundreds of people come lunch time. When we first arrived it was PACKED out. My dad met us there and spent half an hour looking for parking and ended up having to park out on the road and pay for the first few hrs! I found parking undercover but it was insanely busy. Come lunch time it started to slow down alot. I assume thats because alot of people didn't know food wasnt available and had to leave to feed the kids!  So if you don't like crowds, go after lunch! Got alot quieter in the arvo.
Both my kids absolutely wore themselves out, and experienced new things and learned new concepts. Its a great day out and we will be going back next year for the last time as curly girl will be too old after that. We have been to scitech without this event on and it wasnt half as engaging for that age group. It still has a kiddy area which is well able to keep kids occupied for a while. But when toddlerfest is on, the whole of scitech is decked out for little kids. They turn the theatre into "pram parking" and have stalls with community service information such as Ngala and playgroyp WA.
We also browsed the shop but didnt buy anything this time. There are alot of goodies for any little experimentalists in your home. Plus the screen where you can appear to be standing with a T-Rex is good fun :-)
Tips for surviving toddlerfest:
>Arrive about lunch time if you don't like crowds. Its still busy but better.
>BYO lunch and drinks
>Wear pants or shorts with pockets. Because then you can get in there and play with the kids without your knickers on display, and you can pocket your phone and card/money and leave your pram and bags at the pram parking without worrying.
> attach identification (Child's name, parents name and contact details) to each of your children. Be it a laminated card safety pinned to the back of there shirt (saw this on a group who were there, was a good idea), or a card in there pocket, or a bracelet/necklace with the info engraved on. These are good to have for any crowded outing for safety precautions because even though we mums have eyes on the back of our heads... it takes one second. If you have  a "runner" its definately a wise option. I personally dress my two in fluro shirts... but ill be "tagging" my youngest next year hahaha.
Lastly, have a really great time! Be sure to let them explore as you stand back, but mix it up by getting hands on sometimes too. Have a great time :-)