Simple Kindy / Pre K weather chart printable

I searched the internet for a minimalist weather chart for Kindy kids and couldn't find quite what I was looking for.

 I wanted the day of the week to not be in all capital letters. Alot of them had WEDNESDAY instead of Wednesday. I know it's being fussy but when CurlyGirl starts to write more she will not be writing in CAPS so I think having it written normally helps with sight reading.

I also wanted something that would print with less paper and ink. (But still be cute) And something small enough to put on a small space of wall I had in mind.

So I made my own. It fits on A4 paper, with stick-on days of the week and weather/item pictures. I laminated them all and am just using blutack for now but you could probably use velcro dots.

This system is nice and simple. In the morning the day of the week goes up, then the weather, then we check the temperature on the outdoor thermometer and she writes in the number with a dry erase marker (I may end up making up stick on numbers for this too). Then she decides what she may need to wear outside today and sticks up those pictures too.

Each evening ill clear it for the next day. This is just a simple start to the day which is a bridge to start using calendars and writing out the day/month/year, which ill be setting up in a folder for her to complete daily.

Anyways since I had to make it I may as well share it to save someone else some time. Feel free to download and use it... enjoy!

A4 poster: