Finally found the perfect drink bottles for the kids and myself!

I know I know, nothing to do with homeschooling. But I did warn you if you have read the "About me" page that I would likely branch out to other things quite often! Besides, anything that makes life easier, gets one more organised and so on, is beneficial to a homeschooling family lifestyle so here you go:

We go through drink bottles like we go through weetBix here in the CurlyTop household. If its not a chewed up top/straw, its a leak, a crack, a dishwasher accident or just that they start to smell or stain! I usually buy what's cheap or easily available.

Well I had been eyeing off a more pricey drink bottle I kept going past in the entrance of a health shop. I decided to just buy them and hope they were as good as they claim to be. They range from $15-$28 and have the cutest unique designs and I am happy to announce, we love them!!

They don't leak at all (lid closed obviously) they are sturdy and durable (I've dropped them, Sam has thrown his from the table etc) and even better they are BPA free, the body is dishwasher safe, If you get straw ones you can buy the replaceable straws in a packet if you have a chewer, they are odor and stain resistant (yes, really) and we have had them for over 4 months now and they are still in top condition. Worth paying that bit extra instead of having to replace cheap ones every 3 weeks! I've found I'll need to replace the straws soon as juice has affected one and my son has chewed the other one a bit too much, but they use these bottles every day so I'd say they've done well.

The brand is BROS
There website is if you want to see if they have stockists in your area!

(This is not a sponsored post by the way. I don't currently do sponsors)

Just thought I'd share because I've been looking for these for 5 years!