3 Scene Sequencing cards - beginning reading and story telling skills for 3-6 year olds

I thought I'd show you our sequencing cards while we have them out today. I purchased them in the wooldridges closing down sale but as far as I know they arent too hard to get a hold of. I also think it would be extremely easy to make your own by printing cartoons off the internet and laminating.

The idea of these cards is to develop beginning reading skills and to get the gist of storytelling. It is a simple way of learning that stories have a beginning, middle and end. I let CurlyGirl tell me what's happening rather than tell her. When she was 3 she needed some help.

Since CurlyGirl is a natural storyteller she didnt use these too much but I think it would be good for young boys or kids who dont like books yet.

Ive just started using these again (theyve been collecting dust for a year!) And now at 4 I think she is ready to have a play with them and then have a go at drawing her own 3 scene story. When she gets to writing I may use them for getting her to write a story about each of the sets of cards (one set in one go).

She enjoyed putting the stories together today and nearly got through the whole box. I'm looking forward to seeing her draw her own story!  Probably will try next week.
Hope your having a great day!