God blesses us with simple "moments"

This morning as I was enjoying my cuppa tea at the kitchen table reading my current devotional, "morning and evening" by Charles Spurgeon, I had to just smile at God. How He brings peace through such minor things.

You see the simple scene I've set for you makes it seem somewhat relaxed and enjoyable... What I didn't tell you is that in order for me to be able to read the devotional without distraction, I had to lock my daughter out. Yes that sounds awful... But it's not as bad as you think hehe. She was outside in her gumboots checking out the fish and saying good morning to the dogs. She kept coming to the sliding door making demands as toddlers do, and shouting things. She cant stand it if I am reading or using a laptop in her prescence, she is quite demanding! I closed over the glass sliding door as I know she has trouble opening it. And she wouldn't notice for a few mins which is all I'd need to finish my devotional reading.

Sure enough she noticed pretty quickly and started knocking on the glass whining to come in... Simply because she couldn't, not because she wanted to haha. But I got to read with less noise. Once I was finished I opened up the sliding door and she looked at me with a grin and walked off. Sigh.

Seeing as she had occupied herself with the plastic dinosaurs near the pond (it's all fenced off, she can't fall in) I was able to sit and ponder the devotional with the rest of my cup of tea. As I was trying to re-focus, I glanced outside again and there was one single raindrop on one of our bushes that was catching the light. It looked like a brilliant diamond had been carefully placed on the tip of the branch. It was beautiful, like what you see on nature programs.

I was tempted to race for my camera to run out and try to capture it. But I knew I wouldn't be able to. This was just for me. And I ought not to spoil the moment by trying to keep it. So I just marveled at the simple minuscule yet enormous beauty in front of me for a couple of minutes. wiggling my toes in my fluffy slippers, feeling a bit fuzzy from the devotional and the warm cup of tea...Then two of our Canaries began to sing and that's when the smile came.

I was half amused, half just plain happy. God is so good. In the space of a minute or two He had transformed my morning from dealing with a demanding child (among other things) to feeling like I was sitting in a day spa or something.

It just goes to show, when you "keep calm and carry on", God is able to bless you with moments that change everything.

Of course I should use wisdom and stick to reading my devotional when daughter dear is in bed. That'd help ;-)

Hope this has given you some food for thought. Take a minute to take a deep breath, look around you and smile at God's goodness. It's there if you take a moment to look for it. It's everywhere!