Unemployed? Tips to get a job!

The unemployment in the US and Australia alone are incredible, and it's on the rise. In the USA one in 7 people are living below the poverty line and one in 5 are on foodstamps, in Australia the stats aren't as high but they are catching up. Not to mention the 20% unemployment rate in Ireland which i hear is an understatement. The world is well on it's way into a financial collapse without a doubt. The youth of Australia are particularly troubling with kids dropping out of school "legally" with some kind of job or apprenticeship, but then quitting or getting fired soon after, or, kids who graduate yr 12... Then do nothing. Sit around mum and dads house waiting for a job to come and sit in there laps.

We could spend all day debating as to why our youth, and many adults alike just can't seem to get work, or even get motivated to believe in themselves enough to try. We can say it's the governments fault, education system, parental failure, laziness, or some kind of conspiracy to get the rich richer and the poor poorer and cut out the middle class altogether. Some would say it's a bit of all of that, others would have a very specific view. Regardless, I'm not going to have a debate. The More important matter is to get these people jobs!

I'm going to give my tips in perspective that will help young, inexperienced people, or people from a background of poverty who haven't known any better.
If thats you, read on. If it's someone you know, print this out and pass it on. Or email it on. Being aimed at Australians, some suggestions may not be able to be followed thru in the US or UK etc, but hopefully you'll get something from it.


1. Learn HOW to search for work!
Chances are, most of you know how to use a computer and the Internet. That's your main source of employment help. www.seek.com will be your first and most frequent stop. Also check out gumtree.com.au for local jobs. Then there's the less popular but still worth a go careerone website. You can also find open positions directly on a company's website. For example if you were to go to the Coles or aged care websites you most likely will find a "careers", "opportunities" or "join the team" page. Another way of finding jobs is to search on google what your after. For example "full time receptionist brisbane". It may come up with other agencies. There are plenty of employment agencies that specialize in different areas. Some in retail, some mining, some office related. Not to mention the australian apprenticeships websites.

Another great way of job searching is to go in person with your resume, and ask to speak to the manager (don't do this when a place is obviously very busy!), introduce yourself and ask if there are any current positions available. Sometimes a great enthusiasm and personality just can't be captured by paper. I personally have got 90% of my jobs by going in person to hand my resume in. Infact one day I popped into a high end retail store on my way to another interview. the boss interviewed me on the spot and 10 mins later I had a full-time job, a uniform and a start day which was two days later!! Right place, right time, right attitude. Remember those words. It is important that you give your resume to whoever Is in charge though, as a junior or casual may loose or just throw out your resume. Believe me I've seen it.
There is also the good old newspapers and shopping center billboards. Keep your eyes peeled.

2. HAVE A GOOD RESUMENo, I don't mean you need to have an Impressive array of long-term
Skilled jobs. You just need a well presented, clean and organized resume. You can't do anything without a resume it should be your top priority. Keep your references up to date because most businesses do check them. If you are not the best at wording things it's best you get some assistance. Employment agencies, Centerlink or family and friends who are older and more experienced than you in this area are your friends! You can make a brilliantly presented resume on Microsoft word's resume wizard which is on pretty much all computers. Infact you may even be able to create a resume at your local library. Though Outside centerlink agencies, generally Printing is not free so print at the agencies or find the cheapest photocopier you can use. Of course there is online application which is great, no paper needed! But you still need to print some for walk ins... Which brings me to my next point.

3 BE PREPARED AT ALL TIMES.keep that resume close by! If you drive, keep a couple in your car! If you have a large bag you use, make room for your resume with a protective cover for it while its in there. Gotta keep it well presented. Even when your just popping intothe shops to grab some milk or at a party/ gathering. You just don't know when you might meet someone who knows someone who's looking to hire! Send a copy of your resume to your own email as backup and save it onto a thumb drive so you can keep it on your keyring. Also have a pen on you so you can take down names, numbers and or suggested websites when people start talking to you. Alternatively you could enter details into your phone.

4 REALIZE YOU MUST START AT THE BOTTOM OF THE "FOOD CHAIN"sorry, but that's the way it is. You are not going to get the job of your dreams immediately. Far from it infact. Hairdressers on there first year of apprenticeship are not cutting and colouring hair masterpieces... They are sweeping hair off the floor, making teas and coffees, washing towels and maybe if they are lucky, very lucky, rinsing hair. Juniors in retail are not selling and serving right away. They are cleaning up the store, re-stocking items and learning how to use the systems. You are going to have to come to terms with the fact that as brilliant as you may or may not be, you will be starting where everyone else had to. But if you work hard with a good attitude you will be promoted and given privileges.

Don't complain "I can't get a job, there are no jobs available right now" when all you've done is apply for myer, forever new, jbhifi, Eb games, bras n things and cotton on. How about that "full-time assistant required" sign you ignored at woolworths? Or the "staff needed" sign at mcdonalds? Dont turn your nose Up, if your serious about entering the workforce, you will enter it. Swallow your pride and get a job. ANY JOB. You need to gain experience. Look at it as a stepping stone towards your ultimate goal. You can be saving money and planning your next step while gaining valuable experience. You may say "but I want to be a musician, working in fast food is not going to do anything for me" well actually, it is. Customer service helps you gain people skills, forces you to develop patience, listening skills and problem solving abilities. Working in a fast paced environment requires you to work with others and submit to leadership. All these things are needed in just about every Job imaginable.

Do have a dream, a vision, a picture of where you want to see yourself. Work out what you'll need to do to get there and don't try to skip ahead all the time! If your unemployed, first things first. Get employed! Work diligently to show yourself worthy of more. Good things come to those who humble themselves and have a good attitude. Don't despise the small beginnings. they are the start of something great!

Let's not fool ourselves. Image is everything in the world. I personally despise that fact and believe in looking to the heart of a man... But, the world is a vicious critic and the first thing to be judged is how you look. Now, you don't have to be a gorgeous or handsome person, but you do have to be your personal best. When you are applying for jobs, and when you have an interview, you must must must put in effort visually. You need to look professional and fit the role that you are going for. You can still have a personal touch but there are some do's and do not's. Here is a list of do NOT under any circumstances:

Wear ripped jeans
Wear mini shorts or mini skirts
Wear shirts that show your midriff
Wear shirts that show your cleavage
Wear stuff that's so tight you may pop out if you move too much
Wear heavy makeup, nobody likes a cake face
Wear your hair out if it is messy/unruly
Wear an ungroomed beard
Forget to wear deodorant Or brush your teeth
Chew gum
Wear heels if you can't walk properly in them
Go to an interview hungover
Forget to put your phone on SILENT or switch it OFF.
heavy jewelry, your face should be the star not your embellishments, even when interviewing for a jewelry store!

And here are the DO's:Wear something comfortable that isn't revealing but smart. Even if the place you are interviewing at has a loose dress code, keep it professional because you are trying to make an impression not an attraction.

Wear subtle makeup if it makes you feel more confident. But keep it light and minimal. It's supposed to enhance your face, not disguise it!

Have well kept hair. If your going to wear it out, it ought to be neat and not covering your eyes. Otherwise wear it up in a neat ponytail. Men be sure to at least comb your hair. If you have a beard trim and shape it properly or just shave it right off. No scruffy bushes.

As obvious as this may seem, it appears neccessary to mention. Have a shower that morning, brush your teeth and put on deodorant. If you like purfume/cologne, go for it, but don't spray on too much, it can be overpowering.

If you need to chew some gum, dispose of it before you go to your interview. It is disgusting to interview someone who is chewing like a cow.

Wear comfortable shoes that suit the part. Do Not wear heels to an interview for a cleaners job, you will raise Eyebrows as to weather or not your actually serious about the job. Wear flat closed in shoes. If your going for a job at tiffani's or something it's obviously fine to wear heels.

Get a good nights sleep and if you can, have a quiet morning. Do what makes you calm, pray, read, listen to music, whatever works for you. If your tired, rushed and doing a million other things before the interview, your stress will show and will make you less able to focus making you appear like you just don't care.

Keep jewellery to a minimum. Nothing wrong with one "wow" piece but again, your face should be the star Of the show.

Lastly, always remember to dress for the part. But keep it professional. For example, if you are going for a job at Levi Jeans, wear a nice pair of jeans but dress it up with a black tailored jacket, collared shirt and black shoes. If your going for a job at an animal shelter, wear a collared shirt, comfortable black pants and perhaps a necklace with a little puppy on it. Just have fun but keep In mind what you will have to wear at work, and
go around that.

Don't stress about your appearance, just use commonsense. Hygiene and modesty goes a long way.

This is alot to take in, but it's well worth the effort. The competition is crazy at The moment, for the most basic of jobs... So stand out and up. Take Pride in yourself. You have something to offer that nobody else does... Your personal best!

Next employment blog post will be about what to do when you actually Get
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God Bless you in your job seeking endeavors.