Pregnancy #3 Update: 26 weeks

Good morning all!

So I have been asked for an update on this pregnancy, since I am currently over halfway through it and have stayed rather silent about it. I would much prefer to do a 5 minute Youtube video for this post, however our internet is rather useless for uploading videos at the moment so a blog post will have to do.

Basically, this pregnancy has been rather different from my other two. Both my last pregnancies were quite similar in symptoms (or lack thereof) and so on, the only difference really, was the strength of the kicks. Curly girl was pretty laid back. Her kicks were quick and to the point, but gentle enough to be pleasant, and she liked to stretch. Curly Boy's kicks were insane. He was like a crazy ninja, he bruised one of my ribs at one stage! Everything else however, from cravings (hardly any) to complications (none) were very similar or the same.

This time around... well... this little one has taken me for a ride. He (yes, its a boy!) has been different. Well, the pregnancy has at least. This time, I got morning sickness and boy I got it good. Right up until 19 weeks! I also had severe back pain (and still get it a bit), my tummy popped out so fast and so big I looked about 20 weeks along at only 13 weeks. My doctor was surprised and amused, and sent me off for an ultrasound to make sure we had dates right, and that there weren't twins in there. Yes, my belly was that big! Turns out, a midwife recently explained to me that the issue was that I still have stomach muscle separation from my previous pregnancy and that not only contributes to the back pain as ligaments don't have full support, but also means one's tummy gives way alot easier. Seriously, the midwives at our hospital are just onto it. They know all. Better than the GP's. I have learned my lesson, I will be sure to actually exercise this time around to bring my tummy back into a healthy state! Other issues included blurred vision, extreme fatigue, and then the big one... Placenta Previa.

They found that my placenta has decided to sit right over the birth canal, with only a very small gap. This is not uncommon and also it is very usual that it corrects itself at a later stage. 9 times out of 10, the placenta will move out of the way before delivery time and there is no need for worry. However, if it does not move, then I will have to have a Cesarean, otherwise natural labour could be dangerous for me and baby (bleeding out being one problem!) I do NOT want a cesarean... really. I have had two natural births so far, and have been very happy with the process, the recovery time, the fact that once its over, its over. Sure, it's hellish going through that pain, but its natures way. The way God designed our bodies to do it. So I prefer it. I am not against pain relief, epidurals, cesareans and so on, not at all... and am also aware that many women have no choice but to use other methods to birth their child, and hey in my opinion, whatever gets that baby out safely, is the best way. However for me, I just prefer natural birth. Plus, I know what to expect with a natural birth. Having to have a Cesarean will be stepping into new territory for me, scary territory that I do not want to have to step into. Ironically, many women book in their cesareans because they are terrified of the pain and process of childbirth, yet, I am somewhat terrified of the thought of a major operation, the thought of someone removing my child from my body while i lay there unconscious, or conscious but uninvolved, the thought of the pain and discomfort of the wound afterwards, it all just makes me feel queasy and uneasy. However, I will of course do whatever is best for the baby and for me. I will have to have a scan at about 36 weeks to see where my placenta is choosing to hang out. I am hoping and praying that it has decided to move on up, so it can be smooth sailing. I suppose if I do end up having to have a cesarean, at least it isn't an emergency one which I have heard are much worse. Also, It'll be another experience up my sleeve and I will be able to relate to other ladies who have had to have this operation done.

So even though I would much prefer to labour naturally, and am praying for that outcome, If God chooses the cesarean path for us this time, I know His will is perfect and there is good reason for it, and I can take comfort in that.

But yes, very different pregnancy this time around. Much harder and lots more going on. However I am not complaining, just marveling at the fact that pregnancies can be SO different! Many women have it WAY worse than I have had it, with far more serious complications, so I know even now, I am extremely blessed, and am greatful that my child is healthy, growing well and that we have the technology these days to see in advance if there are any of these kinds of problems, so that we can choose the best way to go about birthing.

On to the nursery. I've been asked for photos of the nursery...umm... we don't have one. We live in a 3 by 1. So.. there is a bassinet in our bedroom (which thankfully has been extended by my husband prior to the news i was pregnant, which has made it wider, which is super super convenient! So the babies nursery will be pretty much, our room. But this suits us just fine for the early months since feeding is so frequent and bub is so small. Once we transfer bub to a cot, it will be in the larger of our two kids rooms. Currently Curly girl has the big room and my son has the small room. We will be swapping this around very soon, to prepare. So the boys share a big room and curly girl has her own little space. Small, but, her own. She is cool with that, which makes it easy for us! The catch is, the boys new room... is "fairy wings pink" in colour.... so were going to have to paint it.. meh. This does not excite me. I don't like painting rooms. Hubby will do the bulk of it. But it is a royal pain haha. We will just go with a soft white  then decorate with colour. Easier to make changes down the track that way.

Next question from my curious followers has been names. Yes we have a name, no we aren't sharing it. This blog has nicknames to protect the identity of our children somewhat. So We have a curly girl, curly boy, and at this stage the baby is referred to here as curly tot. However I want to find a better blog name for him so please feel free to make suggestions and we will at least announce his chosen blog name! Haha

Lastly the question of how I feel about having a third baby. Well... I'm thrilled! This little one was a complete surprise, but a welcome one. Children are a blessing from the Lord. I have to admit, my initial thoughts were less than positive. I freaked a little. My heart skipped a beat...both in dismay and joy at the same time. It was very bad timing as far as "timing" goes, however it was God's perfect timing and I came to that quickly. The worry was related to the fact that it would change our new business significantly with me being unable to work whilst showing. Also I was concerned about how hubby would feel. You know, all that kind of external stuff that always sorts itself out. Initially he was shocked and less than positive also... however he very very quickly turned that frown upside down and we were both very happy and looking forward to another curly topped blessing running around our home.

Fast forward to now. I just want him here. I want pregnancy to end and our family life with three to begin. I know it will be interesting for a while. I find the first 6 months the hardest. But also, I am very confident that we will all do just fine. If we could handle the difficulties of having a baby with clubfoot last time (curly boy had very severe fixed talipes/clubfoot when he was born, but is perfect now!) which involved frequent hospital visits, an operation when he was two months old, plaster casts, special shoes and so much more, if we handled and got through that, we can certainly adapt to a third baby (who does not have clubfoot, confirmed at 20 week scan...yay!) Plus, once you've done it twice, you just know what your doing. I wont be worried about this or that, or wondering what to do, or thinking I could break him, or working out how to change a boys nappy, or wondering if I will be an okay mum. I have been through all of that. I think my biggest challenge will be staying organised. I lack in self discipline. I know I do, I have finally admitted it and God is working on me with it. I am improving all the time, but I do have a feeling that a new baby with a new schedule to adjust to etc is really going to throw me for a loop. However I am not stressing too much about it as I know, a happy home is much better than a spotless one. I also know that an orderly home is a Godly thing, so I will be working on it, but I do feel it will be a challenge for sure! Yet one I am ready to face with a positive attitude and most importantly, the power of prayer.

so, 26 weeks in, I am just plodding along. My back hurts, I am short of breath, I run out of gas halfway through the day and cant do all the things I want to do, I've been horribly constipated among various other TMI physical "eew" issues... yep... humbling. Pregnancy is humbling. Hahaha. However, I also am happy, enjoying life, happy and eager to meet our third child, keeping very busy with life in general and ready to take on motherhood with three little ones. I feel abundantly blessed to be receiving another little "arrow" to aim and shoot for the Lord and am eagerly awaiting October 2015!!

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