7 chocolate-free Easter gifts for young Children

With Easter coming up, eggs and gifts are quite the least important thing on my mind. We celebrate Jesus' finished work on the cross more than the chocky side of things. Nevertheless we do have family members who buy our kids gifts and we dont mind returning the favour with something small. And who doesnt love an easter egg hunt? I have found though, that we recieve so much chocolate, we still have chocolate left at Christmas time!  We just dont get through it. So we dont buy our own kids chocolate and when other people's kids are really small I try to avoid chocolate for them too, knowing that theyll have it coming out of there ears by Easter Sunday anyway.
So for anyone who wants to get something chocolate-free for their own kids or for others,  here are 7 easter gift ideas:

1. Shape Sorting Eggs

These are a super cute educational toy for toddlers. Id say 2 - 4 year olds would enjoy them most. They are very cheap on ebay. $5 or less, and make for a different easter gift. They are good for colour and shape matching and fine motor skills.

2. Ressurection eggs

These are very cool, though hey are not cheap. About $25 for the set. But you could maybe buy it as a combined gift for a family of kids. We dont have a set yet but im considering buying it next year for our two. It can be re-used every year and is a clever and interesting way of sharing the meaning of easter with children. I believe you can make your own ressurection eggs also, as the hollow eggs come in packets online and at easter time are usually available at $2 shops such as pricesavers.

3. Easter themed books

These are readily available year round, but even more so at easter time. There are so many to choose from and you can pick age appropriate books within your budget. Off the top of my head, The tale of three trees is a good one for say, 6 yrs and up, and last time I saw it in koorong it was under $10. It is also available on DVD.

4. Soft toys or blankie bunnies

Ideal for babies and small toddlers, its an easy but sweet gift. Avoid large bunnies as giant novelty soft toys are a neusance to parents if they dont have the space. But little ones can become cherished companions, especially if its handmade!

5. Craft packs

You can buy and Eastery-type craft pack or you can put together your own in a little basket. Either way, kids ages 4 and up will love a little bundle of crafty goodness

6. Cutlery Sets

Good for babies and toddlers also. Peter rabbit themed sets with a plate, cup, plastic knife and fork are sold around easter time and sometimes come with a little book that matches the theme. Some do include a small chocolate egg in the cup, which can be removed usually if you really must.

7. Basket of stationary
For older kiddies this is a winner. You can get lots of little inexpensive bits and bobs such as easter egg shaped erasers, bunny pencils, cross necklace, a notepad with baby chicks on it or a Easter themed scripture on the front and so on and so forth. Put it all together and you have a nice little gift for 5 or 6 yrs and up.

Gifts aside, I pray you all have a wonderful weekend as you celebrate the TRUE meaning of Easter.

<3 Terri-lee