Let them eat cake - baking with miss 4

For some reason that I'll never understand, CurlyGirl asks to bake a cake on the HOTTEST days. Of course today was no exception. 39 degrees (C) outside and she comes up to me puppy dog eyed sweetly asking to make a chocolate cake...... aww okay.

So today she did the whole thing almost completely unassisted. I wont lie, it took FOREVER as she measured out all her own ingredients and so on. I had to refrain from "fixing" measurements and having an inward fit about the mess haha. She did a great job and learned about measuring, temperature, timing, fractions, patience and more. Cooking is a fabulous accidental math-class, every time. Plus there is the practice of good food hygiene, and then afterwards practicing serving others before yourself etc etc.

we used a recipe off of Taste.com and it came out great! Here's our bake day:
                Milk.....                      Butter....                       

Yay "I did it!" (first time she has cracked eggs without a shell catastrophe)

                          stirring cocoa mixture over the stove till glossy

waiting for the cocoa mixture to cool, deciding how to decorate her cake...

                                       yep... it's cool enough mum!

waiting for the cake to bake... come ooonnnn!!!


all finished!! Look what I made!

very happy customer...