cheap storage solutions to organise your homeschool space


I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive ways to organise my homeschool area and the kids stuff. I really like it when I see other homeschooling parents' organised toy rooms or school rooms with groups of matching storage boxes and so on, but have found storage boxes are always too expensive to buy a bunch of them at a time. Also stores seem to be constantly changing the brand of storage containers that they sell, which doesnt help if you want to buy one or two, and then come and get some more a few months later to find theyve discontinued that type.

Well I've found a cheap 2.5L plastic storage container. They are $2 each from Red Dot stores and so far they've been selling the same ones for just over a year.
They are the perfect size for small manipulatives, games and toys and they stack neatly. I have used them for our "tap-a-shape" set, puzzles and more. They are found in the section with the lunch boxes and kitchen items.

I know it's hard to find the right storage at the right price so just thought I'd share these ones. (They are in the picture at the top of this post).

While we are at it ill share some of my tips on decking out your "schoolroom" if you have one, or buying the things you need when on a budget.

Firstly, you need to come to terms with, and start getting excited about pre-loved items. If your on a strict budget you will have to decide. Second hand or simply go without, what would you prefer?? Not everything needs to be second hand and you can save up for certain new things. But definitely do not snub your nose at something pre-loved.

Before you buy new check ebay, gumtree, your local Facebook "buy and sell" pages, good sammy, salvation army, the recycle section of the tip, and verge mart roadside collections).

Seriously you can pick up some bargains!
To try and win you over to team pre-loved I'll rattle off the top of my head some of the bargains I've scored over the years:

Large whiteboard $5 - worth $79.95 in officeworks.
Huge study desk $50 - worth $189 at ikea
Office chair $5 - worth approx $130 new
Tap a shape $9.82 incl postage - worth approx $25 new Incl postage
Various board games $3-$7. Worth $25-$60 each new
Leapfrog leappad explorer 2 with various acceasories and game $80 total value new $270
10 plastic drawers on wheels $8 - approx $60 in office stores

And the list goes on. So get thrifty!

Then there Is also the option of saving up and buying things on sale. Always research an item online before buying if it's something that will cost a bit or have to last you a long time like a labeller. Knowing who charges what can mean a saving of $20 all the way up into the hundreds.

Remember to look outside the usual asiles in stores. Storage containers are found in storage asiles, but also kitchen, toys, laundry, garden and stationary, so browse all of them! You may not need that 50c lunchbox for lunches but it may be perfect to store dice, stickers, craft items and so on.

Storage solutions can also be found in your own home. Don't forget the shed, and think of how you can re-arrange things to save space and feel more organised. Even the smallest of rooms can almost always be improved with a bit of thought. If your not sure, ask an organised friend for a fresh eye.

I know someone who uses milk crates they got free to store curriculums in the bottom of the kids wardrobes and it works really well for them! So think outside the "square" when it comes to storage. Browse pinterest, blogs like this one and use google to get ideas and inspiration. There are so many clever people out there who have great ideas!

I'll leave you with that for now, happy sorting!