Australia Day - A Week of Aussie fun for little ones

It will be Australia Day on Sunday so this week is Aussie week at the CurlyTop household.

on MONDAY my Kindy girl took a look at the Australian flag, and we briefly discussed it's colours and symbols, counted the stars, simple things like that. Then she coloured in a pic of the Australian flag, which I printed out from here:

Her flag ended up having smiley faces on all the stars, so cute

On TUESDAY she completed a simple puzzle of Australia:

which we will continue to do every day this week (or until she gets bored of it). We talked about where other relatives live (we have relatives in a few other states) and where we live. How many states there are, what the weather is like in the middle of Australia compared to the coast and so on. You can print out our puzzle here:

WEDNESDAY we went through the few age appropriate books about Australia which we loaned from our local library.

THURSDAY (today) we will be doing our own Aboriginal art

FRIDAY We will be exploring our acreage for native plants and googling them to name them, then she can use some leaves/flowers/nuts to create her own native garden on a plate (we have done this before and she had fun)

SATURDAY We might make some lamingtons if the weather isnt boiling hot

SUNDAY we will be celebrating Australia day with extended family.

It's been a fun week so far and CurlyGirl has enjoyed the activities and learned alot from them. What will you be up to on Australia Day?
Happy Aussie Day!