Easy Tim Tam Truffles

These bite-sized yummy treats are so easy to make and they can be made with any type of Tim tam. 

For Christmas you could use white choc timtams and cover with dessicated coconut instead... Mmmm. Or for serious chocolate lovers you could use the "dark indulgence" Tim tams.

200g packet of TimTams
100g cream cheese (I use Philadelphia)
1/2 cup chocolate sprinkles 


1.Whizz timtams and cream cheese in food processor until broken down and combined. 

2. Roll mixture into about 22-24 little balls

3. Place Balls into a ziplock bag or plastic container with the sprinkles, and gently shake and move about until all balls are covered.


You may need to re-shape a few of the balls after coating them. Alternatively you could try rolling them around on a plate with the choc bits. But I've found it faster to shake and reshape where necessary. 

What a great, and they look great too! I always get surprised looks when I tell people the ingredients. So easy!


  1. Really nice coating I would say and I would love to try it at home as well. Thanks a lot for instructions.


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