Spring has Sprung! Preparing for summer in your home

Well the sun is shining... (Half the time), the birds are making babies, the native plants are starting to pop up all over the place, painting our acreage in the colours of spring, and the sneezing and itchy eyes have begun... Spring has well and truly sprung!

It's the time of year that makes my heart flutter a little. When the sun peeps out for a day, or even just a morning. The feel of that sunshine on my extremely pasty skin, the soft breeze drying my washing in half the time it has taken to since autumn, the thought that soon, warm afternoons outdoors with the children, and trips to the beach will soon be underway. The shedding of heavy layers (and not having to pack a literal small suitcase of clothing and bunny rugs for the kids when we drive to town!), the sheer smell of the morning dew... The joys are endless! 

The anticipation for warmer, longer days is putting a smile on faces here. It is also reminding me that there are things to be done. Now I don't spring clean. This is not about spring cleaning. I clean my home on rotation and try to keep on top of the big jobs bit by bit and it seems to be working. I won't have to do a massive spring clean this time round. Just sticking to routine will keep things good. Well... That is inside the house... Outside is another story altogether!!

So here are 6 tasks to get you on your way to being spring and summer ready at your place.

1. We've had a lot of rainfall this September. Apparently the most in 90 years! This has made the greenery thrive like mad. So If you haven't started yet, now's the time to deal with weeds, overgrowth and long grass. The lizards are emerging and that means there are also snakes. Don't give them too many places to hide! Tackle the yard one bit at a time. Starting on areas closest to the house and working your way out. Not only will it look great and make you feel good, it will make your home and yard safer for your children, because the snakes, although inclined to slither away at the approach of anything big like us humans, could easily harm little ones or pets.

2. If you have ceiling fans, be sure to dust them well before the first uses! Also clean out any filters or detachable parts of the aur conditioner or free-standing fans.

3. Go through your medicine cabinet/box, throw out any expired medicines. Stock up on Allergy tablets, insect repellant and aloe Vera gel (for sunburn).

4. Think beach... What do you need for a trip to the beach? Do you have it? Bathers for the kids that will fit for the summer. Hats for each family member, sunglasses, sunscreen (make sure last years isn't out of date as it is nowhere near as effective when it has expired!) 

5. Check your outdoor equipment for wear and tear. So, this includes picnic blanket, beach toys, beach umbrellas and chairs, fishing gear, camping gear, sport equipment etc etc. Make sure nothing needs repairing or replacement. Clean if necessary. 

6. Begin to rotate all your clothing. Start with scarves and beanies, which tend to not be needed as long as a coat may be. I have a rack behind the door. In the winter it is covered with warm scarves. As the weather warms up, I swap the scarves for all my belts and hats, and the scarves go into the box at the back of the top shelf of the wardrobe. Check for clothes that no longer fit the family. Make a list of any clothing you may need for summer.

Having these little and sometimes forgotten things out of the way before the real heat sets in will make life easier when the time comes for breezy frocks, outdoor adventures and slip, slop slapping. 

What other things do you do to prepare for summer at your place? 


  1. I truly like your blog and these tips. All your tips are very useful and informative. I would like to add a tip of mine in this. In summer we usually live outside our home rather then inside so in my opinion we should prepare and improve our garden.

    1. thanks for your input Mike! Yes im not much of a gardener so I only included the weeding and cleaning of outdoor items. But certainly its great to do much more than that outside your home! There are swimming pools to clean/prepare, hammocks to hang, annuals to plant. Grass to mow and things to fertilise. Excellent point! Appreciate your comment :-)

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  3. You have suggested nicely about the things that we should do before summer. Thanks for sharing this.


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