A great Housekeeping App for Iphone!

Heya All!

Would just like to share an App I found about two months ago in the app store. It has been SO helpful for me, I hope it is for you also!

It's called HomeRoutine and it is great! It helps to organise keeping your house clean and organized via using the "zones" method. Kind of like fly-lady if youve seen her website but you dont have to worry about checking emails all the time and following an exact method. The best part of it is that it is completely customisable. I recommend it, its been working wonders for me! You go by a weekly or fortnightly schedule, and can add in monthly, bi-monthly or even yearly tasks into it as well!

It takes a bit of mucking around to get it all set up to suit your needs, but its not difficult to use and set up. I open this app every morning and get a glance at what needs to be done, or, should be done, that day and week. I have made it so that it has "morning tasks" to be done before lunch time or before I leave the house if its an outing day. then a small "evening tasks" to be done before 8pm (I'm officially off duty by then!). It also sections out your home into cleaning zones such as bathroom and laundry, bedrooms, kitchen and dining, living room etc, and you can fully customise those zones to suit you and your home. You can change how frequently a task is to be done to more often or less often, you can decide what order your focus zones go in, and there is a "To do" section for random tasks or lists of other things not home related.

Its great using the monthly and annual options too, because you can add in things like "wash car" or "clean oven" or even pop in an imporant birthday.

I have found it to be so very helpful to keep on track. Im doing very well with it and I recommend you giving it a go if you've been trying to get on top of the housework!

Here's a peek at what it looks like:

When you first enter, you'll get an overview. Each one has a list within it. There is also a space up top for memo's. that day we had playgroup at 10am as you can see. The stars are highlighted as you complete tasks. My weekly tasks here are partially highlighted as I'd only done one at the time. My morning And evening tasks have faint, un-highlighted stars because I hadn't done any of them as of yet, and the clean oven task is 3/4 highlighted because I only had one last task to do to complete that job.

A peek inside an example of what morning tasks can look like:

A peek inside what evening or afternoon tasks can look like:

A peek at what weekly tasks might look like, although I forgot to add wash bed sheets here.

A peek inside a monthly or bi monthly or yearly task. These tasks disappear from the list at the end of your chosen month.

A peek into a "Zone", this is the bedrooms (screen shot only took a pic of the first bedroom, there are more when scrolling down). This section is a guideline only. You don't have to dust behind your furniture once a month. But it's a reminder that when you need to, this is the week to do it, when your on bedroom week. The kitchen one is particularly helpful for routine stuff. You'll find that when doing your zone for the week, you will also accomplish other tasks. For example, "dust furniture" in these rooms means your halfway through your weekly dusting chore. Also, you would do a more thorough job in your zones, as you would a typical week. For example, on a week that my rooms are not the focus zone; I would only dust over things casually and quickly. But on the week that it is a focus zone ill dust under things, behind things and so on. 

An example of how zones are organized. This is fully customizable.

An example of inside the to-do list, which I do not use enough. 

Have you used this app before? Did you find it worked for you? Please leave a comment and share your experience with this app!


  1. This is really an awesome thing to those technophiles who have interest in housekeeping as well. I have downloaded it.

  2. thats great! Glad it works for you :-) I switched to Android and this app doesnt have an andrioid version.... so im back to square one looking for something similar :-( Miss this app SO much!


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