Toddler-Made Sandwiches

The humble sandwich. You gotta love how easy and versatile they are, and although its a no brainier for us to put one together in two minutes without thinking, it's a great easy way to get little kiddies interested in food and experimenting with different fillings. And when they make it themselves, they actually eat it all!

So if you've been trying to get your little one to try something other than Vegemite sandwiches, get them in on the action. 

My daughter knew exactly what she wanted because we've done this quite a few times now. So she requested cheese and cuecumber with mayo. But she has made quite a few yummy sandwiches. Here's a few:

BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato)
Grated carrot, sultanas and cheese spread
Curried egg
Cheese and Jam (eeww!)
Peanut Butter and Alfalfa sprouts
Shredded Lettuce and Vegemite
Chicken cheese and avocado
Leftover roast lamb and tomato sauce 

Make sure before you start that you have all your ingredients ready to go. Anything that your child cannot do themselves, have ready. I grate carrots, slice cheese and veggies etc and have it sitting there so all my toddler had to do was assemble. You can put out a range of ingredients and let your child choose, or if you think that will overwhelm them, stick to three ingredients at the most. Discuss with your child what she might like to put in her sandwich before you even set up. Give her random ideas so she realizes that she can use her imagination and doesn't have to stick to the ordinary.

She now likes to spread her own butter too, I just help a bit with that. I get her to use a short small "knife" that is used to spread dip on crackers, that way i know there aren't any accidents. And of course, you slice the sandwich.

This is a simple project that they really cannot stuff up, so it's encouraging for them, also, it's not time consuming and there is minimum clean up so mum is happy too.