Tips to get a job - part 3 - The first weeks

This is the third part of the blog posts "Tips to get a job". In case you missed one, here are the links. Be sure to check them out to get plenty of tips and prep.

Part 1 - job hunting
Part 2 - interviews

Part 3 is about what to do when you actually land a job! Congratulations! you implimented all the right things the best you could, you've worked hard at doing what it takes and you've been rewarded with employment, your a working woman or man now! What a blessing this will be!

You may now be feeling nervous about your first day, or even first week or two. What do you do when you arrive? Will you fit in? How do you know where to start? Dont stress! Enjoy the moment. The hard part is over and now you have plenty of time to settle into your new career and learn the ropes. A few pointers and words of advice wont go astray though. I myself started at McDonalds for my first job and ended up in other places of retail management and also running my own small business by the time I was ready to leave and start a family, so I know what its like to start out, and work my way up the career ladder. The first days, the first weeks, they can be the hardest. So Im here to help you not just get through them, but to enjoy them.

Firstly, remember your presentation. Don't get slack just because your now employed. Be sure to make time in the morning to be ready. Uniform ironed? Deodorant on? Hair neat? Etc. if you look your best youll feel more confident. And be sure to bring your lunch on the first day or two if you don't know what's available around you. If your going to work somewhere that doesn't have somewhere to purchase a meal nearby you dont want to be caught out starving the day away!! Don't bring anything majorly stinky like tuna or boiled eggs coz it won't go down to well with everyone else haha be considerate when you "meal plan".

How to conduct yourself in your new workplace is a huge point to take note of. You must of course be yourself. If you start off a fake, you'll be labelled one. So definitely be YOU but also be on your best behavior. If you have a tendency to tell your life story and all your troubles and current affairs to anyone who will lend an ear, restrain yourself at work! This is not the place to cackle on about yourself. When u find the time to get to know your fellow workers, do just that. Get to know them. Find out what they like, what makes them tick, what ticks them off, what they are good at in there jobs etc. ask them questions and be a good listener. Of course when on lunch it's a good opportunity. You ought to be working not chatting, but in some jobs, chatting between responsibilities or during is acceptable. It depends on what your doing. But you can learn alot about someone just by watching them work and interact with others. So be attentive to what's going on around you. Just be sure that it's not at the expense of doing your job properly. For example, if your working in a call center you cannot stop making calls to watch two other workers have a chat. That is time wasting and dishonoring your workplace. But, if you work in a clothing store and are simply placing clothing on racks and dusting, you can be watching and or listening to your manager or fellow workers interact with each other and their customers etc.

This is a worthy assignment as the sooner you sus out the people around you the sooner you'll know many helpful things. Such as, Chantelle is very good at customer service and has alot of good methods you can pick up on, Luke is a bit of a hothead and will get very aggravated if he doesn't get lunch on time therefore... Steer clear and keep your mouth shut if he is hungry! Or Lisa is crazy about Fitness and health which gives you something to talk about if your ever in the lunchroom with her. Yes knowing who you work with makes it easier to blend in. It also gives you a bit of an upper hand in that it allows you to use your knowledge to your advantage (positive advantage not troublemaking advantage obviously.)

The next bit of advice I have for you fine people, is really singling out a large portion of my blog-audience. Christians. If your not a believer, you can skip this paragraph. But if you are, read, and read it good. As much of a fabulously gifted evangelist you might be...please for the literal love of God, do not go in there praise the Lord-ing everyone you meet. Seriously!!! Your workmates all have their own beliefs or lack thereof. They also have their own stories as to why. There is absolutely no need to hide your faith. Im not implying that. But, you must let this all come naturally. Not forced. James should not have to sit on his lunch break listening to how amazing your church is and how happy God makes you when all he said was "Hi Miss smiley!" However if James asked you what you do on the weekends, its a great opening for including in your description, your favourite part of the weekend, going to church. This may or may not open up an opportunity to take it further. Don't force it, God will do it. It may take a week, it may take a year! But God will do it. I will be writing a blogpost on this subject in the future so I will leave it at that. But its something to ponder. You dont want to be labelled bible bashing betty in your first month of work!

Next, the very best thing you can do, is be a good honest worker. If you do your job, dont slack off (even if others are doing so), treat customers with kindness and respect (if your job presents you with customers to deal with), be willing to learn, be teachable and listen to Management and people who have been there a long time when they instruct you, you'll do brilliantly. It's not rocket science. Be on time. Dont chuck sickies unless your actually sick. Believe it or not, having a simple good work ethic will keep you on top! Common sense? Maybe, but sense isnt so common these days so stating common sense is necessary it seems.

Finally, just enjoy yourself! If you enjoy your work you'll have a smile on your face. Your likely to have weeks where you just do not want to be there, but in those times be greatful that you have a job! Many don't, and struggle greatly. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful, and during these first weeks when everything is fresh and new, just enjoy the experience! Have fun!

All the best to you in your work-future. May the Lord bless you with many opportunities and fulfillment in your career :-)

Col 3:23-24 "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ."

Psalm 128:2"You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." (NIV)

Prov 14:23
"In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter leads only to poverty."

Ecc 3:22
"So I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot. For who can bring them to see what will happen after them?" (NIV)