The end of pregnancy #2 is at hand!

Well hello all!
I'm sorry that I have been MIA for a while, I'm now 39 weeks pregnant and eagerly hoping to pop early! We have been very busy with preparations and life in general. We are so prepared infact, I can't think of anything at all I can possibly do except nag the little man day and night to emerge! Haha no, all in God's timing.

This last few weeks has seen the occasional very mild Braxton hicks contractions, some not so mild tightening of my lower belly from time to time... And some seriously painful leg cramps in my upper thighs... Which I never had first pregnancy. Then there's the reflux which I did have first time too. Oh Rennies (brand of antacids), how I thank God for you!! Sleep has been interesting. I've awoken approximately every 2 hours to either wee or because I'm being beaten brutally from the inside by a little hulk. Far our. My daughter was FAR more gentle in the womb! She never actually hurt me with her movements, just caused discomfort. Last night I started laughing out loud because I woke up, got kicked somewhere that made me want to throw up.. Then as I headed to the toilet I got another kick that made me feel like I was going to wee then and there (but didn't thankfully) and then another kick that went to the ribs which made me stand up as straight as possible to relieve it... I must have looked like a disabled yo-yo. Oh the joys of the third trimester haha.

I'm so eager to get the show on the road that I keep checking the loo for the mucous plug (lovely, yes) even at 2am ill shine my phone light in the dunny to make sure I haven't missed it haha. Also was pretty disappointed to find out that only 15% of women have their membranes rupture (waters break) at the beginning of labor. It can happen any time during too. Mine didn't break first time at all they had to do it for me, so I was hoping this time it'd be an easy tell tale sign of things getting close. Looks like its only a small chance that I can bank on that though.

My original due date was today, according to what I worked out with my ovulation and conception and so on. But the first ultrasound confirmed that it should be moved forward a week to July 5th... I was hoping that was wrong... And that I'd go into labor today!

This past week had been the one that fatigue finally well and truly set in. I've been extremely exhausted. Of course you solider on. There is housework to be done, food to be prepared and children to entertain and tend to. Life goes on, it's just I have been a bit clumsy and airheaded in my doings from the fatigue haha. But there is grace to do all we need to do at all times and I'm finding strength in that truth :-)

I have also had occasional bouts of crazy nesting urges between the fatigue. The other day I decided it was imperative to dust/wipe down the INSIDE of the cupboards and drawers... And to arrange my daughters clothing into complete outfits in her wardrobe, instead of having them normal, folded via what they are in the drawer. U know, pants with pants, tops with tops, jumpers together, etc. no, they had to be put together into little coordinating outfits and hung neatly in the wardrobe awaiting their chance to be worn. Like I have time to do silly things like that... Yet it's what I found myself doing for a good 20minutes!!

Everyone keeps saying "oh, your still here!" all surprised when they see me, like my due date has already passed or something. Or like I'm supposed to disintegrate into mid-air when I go into labour? Haha of course I'm still here. Love the terminology. Will still be here when I give birth too, just in hospital, not heaven. Definatlely not heaven lol.I also get people telling me how huge I am. (tummy-wise) ... Yes, very good observation there, I did not notice myself but now that you mention it, that explains why I have trouble getting out of chairs and reaching over things... Wow!!! Haha. I generally resist the urge to be sarcastic, even jokingly, because something that satisfies my flesh in such a great and strong manner can't be good... Yet the funny things people say when you are pregnant just cry out to be poked fun at. How about the "do you know what it is?" "yes it's a human being." loll. Or better still "well I know it's not a camel or a zebra... But it could be a watermelon, I did swallow some pips almost 9 months ago!" no, I haven't said that to anyone, but I'd like to :-) just to see the confusion then smile on there faces.

Anyways, I hold to the saying "no two pregnancies are alike" like many mums do, now that I'm at the end of my second which was quite different. In ways it was more pleasant, probably emotionally and with preparations. In other ways it's been far more difficult. Generally physically since last time i had almost NO sickness at all and almost no bodily upsets. this time I've had pregnancy-triggered severe eczema, pimples, severe dermatitis, thrush, morning sickness (admittedly not very bad though), back pain, thigh cramps, a urinary tract infection and reflux. Yayyy! But surprisingly with all that coming and going (or sticking around), I haven't felt like I've just been sick the whole time or anything. I've still really generally enjoyed the pregnancy, and been able to just take it all in my stride and keep on going without thinking too much about it all.

You know I truly believe that this time around I've been able to put up with so much and still keep a good and positive attitude because I've been busy with more important thoughts and doings. Not only do I have a child to look after this time around, but also hubby and I have been studying some very in depth subjects very intensely in the word of God and it really has consumed us greatly, in a good way. When your focus is on what's eternal and on the things of God, it doesn't seem to matter too much that physical things aren't at peak. Yes I still asked God for strength, health, healing and peace throughout, for sure, but I did not have to sit there feeling sorry for myself, and stewing over bodily discomforts. I just got on with it knowing it's all temporary and it really helped me through. It's been a good lesson in casting my care on the Lord and focusing on important things. I really was able to just cruise through things much better than I'd have been able to if I were to have focused on the whole thing from a "woe is me" standpoint and tried to push through alone and aside from God's grace.

In saying all that, the most challenging part of pregnancy is still to come. Labour. The act of giving birth. I've avoided thinking about it until this week because let's face it, it's not a nice memory for second timers. It's freakin scary if you let your imagination run wild. I think that God must supernaturally remove alot of the experience from the minds of women, because if you truly remembered the physical demands/feeling of giving birth, you would be a sick freak to ever do it again. Ever. I mean I remember it was just... Oh, I don't even want to explain what it's like just incase first timers are reading this. (and just incase you are, don't freak out, u get thru it, like all the women before you, you are able and made for it :-) but wow it's intense and it's by miracle of God that people still give birth after the first time I think! Hahaha. I mean it's well well worth it of course. It's just... Oh my. Of course if you have a caesarean or epidural it's going to be extremely cruisy in comparison if all goes well. I mean natural birth. I don't have a problem with other women taking those other options. I think if your capacity to cope with the experience is limited, you ought to look at your options for the well-being of yourself and the baby. But for me... Natural is the only way that doesn't terrify me, as crazy as that sounds. A giant needle in my back that could possibly not work anyway, and could cause a splitting migrane to overtake me and could paralize me (even though the odds of that are extremely, amazingly low), or a very big operation (caesareans are actually a major surgery not just a little thing!) that will leave me sore and practically immobile or at least mobily impared for 5 days to a few weeks, is far worse than just going through the process of natural birth which allows full participation, and getting it over and done with, no nonsense, once it's over it's so over. No more to it. I figure God's original method is the best one, even If it doesn't FEEL that way. He has been gracious to provide other options which is wonderful! But I personally prefer to stick with natural birth if at all possible.

You know this morning I woke up thinking about how awaiting the arrival of your baby can be analogized with waiting for the second coming of Jesus. For both events, nobody knows the day or the hour except the Father in heaven, we can only look for "signs" that the time is approaching. Both bring on feelings of anticipation, excitement and even a bit of nervousness when asking the question "am I ready?". There is ample self-preparation to be done and need of prayer. There is no avoiding it, it's gonna happen weather u are ready or not and it's going to change your life forever. Need I go on?

So here I am awaiting both the second coming of Jesus and the second child of the household lol. I suppose if Jesus comes first I won't have to go through the birthing process.... Bonus! But there is still much to be done here on earth so either way I'm happy :-)