Books Toddlers Enjoy

If your toddler is... selective as mine is, you probably have a nice big collection of children's books of which they read about 5 of. My daughter goes through phases, but its generally a rotation of the same books, occasionally she will pick out another one from the collection for some reason. When we hire books from the library, which we do alot instead of buying them all the time, she doesn't have the patience to pick them for herself so I scour the shelves picking out some that I think she might like. Usually, she is not interested.

Enter my Dad. He is amazing at picking out books for kids. Call it a gift or an art, but he has got whatever it is. He reads alot himself so maybe that helps, but he just has a knack for picking out a good kids book that is bound to be well loved. He spends a long time searching. He can spend up to an hour in the store deciding, so perhaps the love and thought put into it really helps. But yes, he recently picked another winner which was wonderful because the little lady had recently decided against reading time but is back into it thanks to Poppy's new book.

currently we are reading (at least three times a day lol):

"Where is the green sheep?" By Mem Fox & Judy Horacek.

Its available on eBay from about $8.50 up. Its alot more expensive in the shops I think so try eBay first or hire it from the library.

This book is great for a number of reasons.
1. its simple. the book rhymes and flows and keeps asking about a green sheep so the kids have a sort of expectancy for the ending.

2. The illustrations are neither boring nor too busy. There is just enough going on to capture a child's attention but not too much as to overwhelm.

3. The book helps to familiarise children with both a few colours and acronyms or opposites.

4. The sheep are busy doing many activities, alot of which the children will already know of, and others that are new which is a good place to stop and talk about it.

5. Although the book is full of activity, the end tells the reader to "turn the page quietly - lets take a peep..." and we find the green sheep is sleeping. So you can whisper and tone down everything to make it a bedtime book too

6. It is a little longer than the usual book for toddlers, (but the words are still minimal) which is great if you have a child who likes to really get into a book. Its not over before it starts if you know what I mean.

My 2 and a half year old was delighted by the sheep juggling, playing on the see-saw, eating cake and so on. She also liked the rhyming and learned the colour green quite quickly from this book.

Other books that have been a hit since daughter turned two are:

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle

This book is extremely popular among children, the author must be absolutely rolling in cash because the amount of gimmicky merchandise that follows this book is insane! I was never a fan but my daughter just adores it! This book is great for little ones for many reasons. Some being:
> learning the days of the week
>learning about healthy and unhealthy choices & the consequences of gluttony lolll.
>learning about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly
>counting and colour learning can also be integrated into the reading.

I'm sure there are more but this is off the top of my head. Worth a read.
Its also a rather short book for those with less attentive readers.

This book was given to us in large board book form, which is good because even with the amount of use it has gotten it is still in one piece.

another good one is:

"What Do People Do?" - Fisher Price
 This one is great from even younger than 2. But 2 and up will keep on learning from it. Its extremely colourful and there is plenty on each page so its definitely one for discussion and opportunity for your little one to point around asking "what's that??" It's not a storybook style but more of an explanation on each page of what different jobs are. From construction workers to doctors it is a nice little board book for something different.

educational elements include:
> simple understanding of different jobs people have in your community
> some instances of cause and effect

another book is:

"All aboard with Noah" (beginners bible series)
This one is a lift the flap book and suitable for about 1 and a half yrs and up. My daughter still loves it though she has mastered most things she could learn from it. Its very colourful and fun, with over 50 flaps to lift its good for a bit of exploring!

educational benefits:
1. A very simple introduction to the biblical story of Noah's ark. There isn't a very complicated story-line, its more exposure to the tale than a good telling of it.

2. Opens opportunity to talk about how the Lord made animals, and what a rainbow represents etc.

3. Pages dedicated to learning: colours, foods that animals eat, sounds of a storm, matching pairs, places that animals live.

I also recommend Spot the dog books as from just a few months old they are easy for a baby to focus on, then as your child learns to lift the flaps its another few years of enjoyment all round. Word of caution with the Spot books though, sometimes Spot does not seem to know how to speak correctly to his parents. For example in one book where spot is sleeping over his friends house, his mother comes back to drop off his teddy which he forgot. When she arrives he says to her "Hi Mum! What do you want?" hmmm. occasionally you'll get lines like that. I just re-word it. "Hi Mum! what's that you have there?" or something similar...followed by a thank you. manners police here?

Hope this has given you a few newbies to add to your collection that will be sure to please any choosy toddler.