Toddlers & the consequences of disobedience

No this isn't a post about spanking or naughty corners or whatever else may have come to mind via the title. It's actually about the natural consequences of disobedience that each child learns gradually. They learn faster than we as adults do that's for sure!

Today my little lady ran full steam ahead behind one of our sheds after clearly being told not to by her grandma. She ran straight into what remained of a nettle bush that was being removed. In an itchy frenzy she tore through the house like a little disgruntled Rhino looking for me. Once I had her seated I used vinegar to help the itch. She grabbed the tissues off me and started rubbing herself in hopes of double relief. Then she requested a cold flannel, then we slathered the welts in aloe Vera and the it was time for a nap to "sleep it off".

All the while you should Have seen the lip on her. She looked like a real miserable little munchkin. Highly unimpressed. She was frustrated because she had me explaining "this is what can happen when you don't listen when An adult says no. You can get hurt." she let out a little angry yell because she knew it was her own fault that she was feeling this way. She soon just wanted cuddles and a rest.

Although she had been naughty I had to secretly sympathize with her because at the tender age of 2 and a half it was only the beginning of some unlovely life lessons. Just the evening before I had to learn a lesson in disobedience. Namely, not adhering to God's very clear instructions to be a peace maker rather than adding to or stirring up strife of any sort in the home. There is a big difference between being a peace maker and a peace keeper. I'm not waving the banner for doormat wifery, rather waving the banner for walking in love and handling things the way God requires us to.

Hubby and I were having a conversation in which we were obviously not agreeing. We were not arguing, but we were not on the same page. I kept saying my bit and making comments and to prove his Point hubby made a comment which offended me greatly. It was not meant to, it wasn't even said in an offensive manner. I was just upset because he was absolutely right in What he has said and it made me angry. I didn't like hearing it. I sat in silence for a few minutes, composed myself so that the next words that came out wouldn't show my offense, offered him a coffee knowing he wouldn't want one, but it was a change of subject opportunity. Then I retreated to our bedroom.

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and emotional, but I had a little cry to God about it, and after that, I could move on. But I had to repent of disobedience to Gods word and come to terms with the fact that I only had to deal with the unpleasantness of it all because I had to have my say (more than once!) instead of hold my tongue and use wisdom to know when to drop a conversation.

No wonder we have grace. We shoot ourselves in the foot with every sin. God doesn't need to say "I told you so". Just like my toddler knew I told her so, we know God told us so in the bible every time we disobey Him. And it hurts. For a few reasons. One is the disappointment & frustration that naturally occurs with displeasing God. The other is the trouble it causes you in your everyday life. We would do well to learn as quickly as our tiny little children do!

I'm thankful for the remorse that comes with sin because It actually helps to establish that I am indeed living with Jesus as Lord of my life. Anyone who can go ahead and sin without any kind of conviction is either unsaved or in need of some serious time in prayer. There ought to be some kind of fruit to show that you care for God enough to care when you disobey Him. I am not going into the old "we are not worthy, we are worms, dirty grubby sinful worms" kind of stuff. Condemnation is of Satan and is different to conviction. We just ought to have a healthy reverence for God, enough to make us stop and repent when we do sin. Even if its what we might consider "minor" since in God's eyes, sin is still sin.

It isn't pleasant to see the sin nature come out in a little child, but it just proves all the more that God is so right about us, and that we need Him so very desperately! When my child does the wrong thing, I still love her exceedingly even though I am displeased with her disobedience, and this helps me to better understand God's love and patience for me. (Rom 5:8) which in turn reminds me of the patience, discipline and perseverance my child needs from me whenever she sins. Raising children is a wonderful tool God uses to teach us parents some important things... and to jog our memories of what we already know in our hearts too. As we teach, nurture and raise our Children, God is teaching, nurturing and raising us up as believers also. What a blessing!

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”
1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.