Curly Hair Treatments - Home Remedies

As a follow up to the Curly Girl post, I've included some home-remedy hair treatment recipes I have found for you to try out. Most of them are budget friendly and environmentally friendly. I have not tried them all but I have tried quite a few and they have been good. Happy hair-caring curly girls!


SPRAY GEL: ½ cup gel, 1 cup boiled water mix, poured into a spray bottle.

WEEKLY EXFOLIANT: 1 tbs brown sugar mixed with 3 tbs of your conditioner

CLEANSE AND REVIVE ON THE RUN: LAVANDER MIST ½ gallon water, 5 drops pure lavender essential oil, 3 empty spray bottles for it all. Boil water for an hour to make pure. Remove from heat, add lavender oil, stir, replace lid. Let steep until cool, then pour into spray bottles.

SCALP THERAPY: ALOE AROMA – CONDITIONING AND HYDRATING bathe hair in warm water so pores open up. Apply 1 tbs of aloe vera gel to your scalp, either straight from a plant, or the edible type that needs to go in fridge once opened.massage gently for several minutes and rinse hair and condition as usual... or leave in as alternative to hair gel.

CLARIFYING, CLEANSING BUILD UP RID AND SHINE – LEMON AID (especially good for dry damaged hair) Combine juice of one large lemon with your usual amount of conditioner. Then rinse thru hair thoroughly.

REVITALISING OIL TREATMENT, NOURISHES ENDS - DEEP ENDINGS (especially good in winter) 1-3 tsp olive, peanut or sweet almond oil (amount depends on length & thickness of hair) and 2-4 drops pure lavender essential oil. Combine together, apply to ends of hair. Wrap hair with clear plastic wrap and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse thoroughly with lemon aid.

1 tbs baking soda, 1 cup warm water.
Combine in spray bottle and shake. Wet, condition and blot dry hair as usual. Spray with mixture. Allow to sit for a minute or so, then rinse
with cool water. Blot dry again, style as usual. Use this only when
needed as it may still be too drying for some curl types.

EXFOLIANT FOR DRY FLAKING SCALP – 1 cup heavy cream, beaten unil fluffy, or instant spray cream. Massage into scalp, wait 5-10 mins, rinse well with cool water.

4 tbs olive or almond oil, 4 tbs of your conditioner, 2-3 drops of musk oil or other essential oil of your choice.
Mix well, apply to wet hair, comb thru gently until whole head is
saturated. Use whole lot for long hair, half for short hair. Scrunch
dry. Use clips to lift and separate as you would when styling, leave
in overnight or for several hours during day. Rinse thoroughly with
combination of conditioner, lemon juice and vinegar.

3 or 4 medium sized potatoes, 2 cups water, 1 peach peeled.
Peel and wash potatoes, cut into chunx, add water and refrigerate overnight in a covered bowl.
Next day use potatoes as you please, but save water. Puree the peach, mix well with potato water. Apply to your hair and comb it thru. Leave on for 20 to 30 mins. Rinse with water and style as usual.

ALL NATURAL HAIR SPRAY FOR EXTRA DIMENSION AND SHINE – vegetable glycerine, distilled water, an empty spray bottle.
Combine equal parts of both, mix. Spray whenever your hair looks dull or needs a quick pick me up.

get an oil spray mister, fill with olive oil and a few drops of your fave perfume essence, spray hair after its dry. Shine on! Use every few days, or just whenever hair is feeling super dry. Olive, canola or nut oil are best.

AFRICAN AMERICAN TREATMENT - Deep oil treatments are good. Once a week vitamin e oil treatment for scalp. Comb thru. Heat up a heating cap, wear for 20 mins. Rinse thoroughly.


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