Keeping motivated with housework

today just a few tips on keeping motivated with the housework. I know it can seem daunting some days, but it is our duty to keep the place in order and clean. Sometimes you may just not feel like it, other days you may be feeling a little under the weather or tired. Upon writing this Im currently pregnant and although ive recently entered the second trimester, the fatigue has not gone away, its worsened. Ive had a few "lazy days" and regreted it after having to catch up. Its all about balance. We DO need to put our feet up sometimes, but if we are routined, we can make it so that we can still get everything done without running ourselves to the ground!

First things first is that routine cannot be beaten. I will not be writing an essay on routine this time around, but I can tell you there are thousands of blogs, websites, books and so on readily available on having a housekeeping routine. Check out your library, browse google and you will find hundreds of ideas to help you out. I do stress the issue of routine as I am partially sanguine, and routine was never part of my life until I was married and I learned the hard way!! You do not have to have a routine that is so stringent that if its not kept to you fall apart, leave room for flexibility, but a plan at least, thats important. Use an organiser or a method youve picked up to get it done. I find the 15 minute room blitz works well for beginners. Every day of the week, you pick a room that needs it most, and spend 15 mins on it, and it alone, undistracted. Tidying, detail cleaning if its tidy enough, dusting, de-cluttering etc. Bedrooms and laundrys can look a million dollars after just 15 mins (depending on what state the rooms were in!) and it gives you a short-term focus and goal. Rotating the rooms of the house (include your loungeroom/s) makes it so that each room gets attention weekly.

enough with routine, as I said you can find many helpful resources on that. Im going to keep it simple with a few little things that can motivate you to keep your routine, keep you going on days you cant be bothered or have alot on your mind...

TIP 1:
GET READY. Every morning, make sure you get out of those jammies and into something relitavely decent. If your a sloppy homemaker, just step up a notch. wear clean trackpants and a nice casual top instead of your dressing gown!! Hopefully you dont hang out in your PJs all day though! Remember you have to be comfortable so were not aiming for a pretty picnic dress or anything, but something that you can happily pop out to the supermarket in. Jeans and a loose, comfy shirt. Properly fitting trackpants and a womens tshirt (dont hang out in hubbys clothes!). Most importantly, do your hair! Be it a neat ponytail to get it out of your face, or running a brush through it with a headband. It doesnt take much to smooth over that bedhead and makes a world of difference. Wash your face, brush your teeth and spray on some deodorant and purfume. You are a human being who deserves 10 minutes in the morning to make herself presentable. If you like makeup, pop on a little bit of mascara and blush, or whatever. You dont have to cake-face it. Even just a bit of tinted moisturiser which is good for your skin, will help make you look healthy and ready to go. Whenever you pass a mirror, you wont sigh or feel horrible because you have made a small effort to get ready for your day. Your husband doesnt go to work in his PJ's, neither should you. He doesnt leave the house with sleepy gunk in his eyes and bad breath, so dont spend your day like that either! take a small amount of pride in your body and appearance and it will not only build your self esteem which begats motivation to do what you need to do, hubby will be happy to come home to an at least mildly groomed woman.

TIP 2:
im not going to tell you when to pray, how to pray or how often to pray. But you know you gotta do it, daily. Be it in the morning before everyone is up or at night when everyone is asleep. Or any other time that works for you. Include God in your day. Talk to Him whilst mopping. Sing to Him in the shower, dont be afraid to commune with Him continually instead of only during the allocated times of devotion. Keeping in communion with God during the day comes naturally once you have done it for a while, and It really does help put things into perspective and help you order your day!

TIP 3:
well, maybe dont have a dance party in the living room, but get on some music to get you moving! especially in the morning when its sleepy panda's all around. Once hubby is on his way and kids are up (or at school) and its time to really dig into some housework... crank the CD player with some good praise music! (or worship if its helps you better, some people need the calming down rather than the amping up!) haha. Make sure its music that is pleasing to God. Dont go pumping britney spears through your speakers and releasing all those desgusting demonic vibes in your home! Play uplifting music that glorifies God, or something instrumental that feeds your spirit. Its a double dose of motivation and happiness. Music is known to emotionally effect us weather we like it or not. And when its Godly music it also feeds your spirit. With a little melody in your ears, the morning can feel lighter and brighter, try it out! If your not a huge music person, just have it on softly so it isnt the main focus but just a mood setter. Music really does help.

TIP 4:
Take breaks. If you have a job you really really dislike (for me its the mopping!!) Then reward yourself afterwards. Take a 15 minute break to sit down with a tea and a good book, or check your emails or call a friend (who will happily hang up after 15mins! lol) or paint your toenails. whatever helps you relax. theres nothing wrong with taking a tea break. People in the workforce get their coffee breaks and toilet breaks... you get yours too!

TIP 5:
If you have little ones at home, dont think that playing with them is "wasting time" or "taking a break". Its a part of your job. It may not be your idea of fun... but do it for them and pray God to help you have a good attitude and change your perspective, or it may be your perfect idea of fun which may make you feel guilty... DONT! its a joy and a duty for a mother to engage in play with their toddlers. Sitting down and reading a story, or joining in dress ups, or taking them out to the trampoline and sandpit (or even the park for an hour), having discussions with them, it is vitally important that they arent left to themselves all day! Yes, they certainly need plenty of free time, for their sake and for yours. BUT regularly get in on the action because they learn from you, and also the bond grows stronger too. Housework must get done, but children must not be neglected. Just because youve fed them, put them down for a nap and changed nappies when necessary does not mean you have done your job as a mother. Interact with them, include them in what your doing if you can. Mummy baking cupcakes? well a child as young as two can help with that. Sure its more mess, but it means you dont have to stop what your doing, and your still spending time with them, also, they are learning! keeping a balance is a fine art that God can help you with. Dont be too hard on yourself if you miss the mark on days. Keep a right heart and youll get it right. but just remember. Its not "wasting time" nor is it "slacking off" to spend time with your toddler/s during the day. Most mums see it as a pleasure, so to you who do, enjoy yourself! Let your little ones smiles and giggles motivate you for the next housework job at hand :-)

TIP 6:
Remember what your working for. Just keep in mind that its your job, and your family are benefiting from your consistency. Even if they dont say it out loud. Your husband truly does appreciate every folded pair of underwear, every sweet smelling, tidy room, every homecooked meal. Your children benefit from an organized, clean and loving household. What you are doing, is creating for everyone you live with, a safe and cozy fortress. A place they can know is welcoming, in order and comfortable to spend time in, with a woman who cares enough to make the effort for them. You go girl!