Pregnant Again!

Well Praise be unto God for the wonderful Gift of Children! My husband and I are expecting again! This will be our second child. We have a beautiful little just-over-two-yr-old whom on this blog I refer to as Jasmine. My whole family has blog names, I dig anonymity. Anyways, we decided to try again, and two weeks later, I'm pregnant. Fertile much?!

Last time, we had only been married a few months when I fell pregnant and what a surprise! So it's been a little different this time around, I looked into the whole menstrual cycle, timing your ovulation thing. I was going to go get an ovulation thermometer and look up a billion ways to assure you get pregnant.. But then I went to God instead and thanked Him that in His timing, we would conceive... And two weeks later... I guess the timing was perfect!

I should probably post up my previous pregnancy blog posts from an old blog I had, to celebrate. They are pretty long posts coz it's each trimester crammed into three or four parts, but I found it better that way. Rather than tonnes of little posts with snippets of thoughts and happenings that would lead you to boredom and fear that the blog has turned into a pregnancy blog. Haha. I'll post them up as old ones so it's easier to navigate... Eventually.

So back to baby number two. I'll call him or her LITTLE BEAN until we know the sex. Yes, we are the finding out type. Something about the power of preparation that gets us. This pregnancy, though only over a month in, is proving much different to the last already. This time my breasts are sore and heavy already and growing... That didn't happen last time until the last month when I started milking like a cow hahaha. I'm also bloating some days which makes me look four months along, I didn't show or bloat till quite late first time around. Last time I had zero cravings. The only Incident with food at all, was when I was about 5 months pregnant. We got takeaway, I chose subway as a healthier option
And Hubby bought hungry jacks... Ugh. I opened the wrapping and they had overcooked the bread roll... It was just too crispy. I silently wept in the backseat hoping nobody would notice. My Hubby promptly took the crispy sub out of my Lap and replaced it with his burger. He isn't a fan of subway so this was a major act of kindness. I thought he was prince charming, and though I'd normally turn down such horridly unhealthy food, I was in such appreciation, I had to hold back more tears as I ate it. Happy tears.

That was quite an emotional
Food experience, but it was the only
One in my whole first pregnancy... My second has seen a major craving already. Good thing is it's a healthy one involving a poached egg, spinach and stewed tomato. I have it every day for lunch, and every day it's like eating it for the first time. I get lost in the moment, like a pregnant freak. I don't think I've ever meant it so very much when I've thanked God for my meal!

The only thing the same in this pregancy and the last? My sense of smell is greater. I can smell someones BO from across the room, stale cookies across the table, chicken poo when I'm many meters away from the coop and so on.

Things I havent had in either pregnancy so far that Are common, are:
Strong nausea
Morning sickness (yes, never had it!)
A "tinny" metallic taste in mouth
Veiny breasts
Crying for no reason
Fear and anxiety about being a parent

Etc etc etc ...
Thank God my symptoms have been minimal. I think some of it depends on a positive attitude, alot of it on dependancy on God, and the rest, only God knows! Haha. Feel sorry for my pregnant friend. She is two weeks ahead of me and she already has had almost every symptom in the book. She's a total stress head though so I think that's contributing. Please pray for her to rest in the peace of God at this time!

So ladies... Comments please... What were the differences between your pregnancies if any? What were your symptoms? Lets hear it!

I'll get the ball rolling... I had a friend who craved pickles with ice cream
In her second trimester, then in the third trimester this same mixture made
Her feel sick. She had this for both pregnancies!