(As much as id love to have presented it with drizzled maple syrup and raspberries, this is how hubby prefers it. Butter on each layer and a dusting of icing sugar on top :-) ^^^

As simple as pancakes are, they Arent so simple for someone who's never made them before or is a novice cook. Therefore, here is how to make simple, yummy, fluffy pancakes that are picture perfect!

This will make about 4 pancakes or more which is more than enough for two ppl as they are very filling. It's enough for hubby, myself and our toddler.
You will need:
- 1 cup of self-raising flour
- A Pinch of salt (optional)
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 egg
- 30g butter, melted
- 2 Tbs of caster sugar (also optional if your in the sugar-police gang)

And any topping of your choice. examples: Butter, syrup, jam, icing sugar, strawberries, cream, raspberries/blueberries and if your feeling super naughty, ice cream or (eew)...bacon.

TIPS: use a very small frypan, smaller pancakes are easier to manage/flip. Big ones tend to be messy and don't cook as evenly. Plus little ones make for a nice stacking effect on the plate. Also, once you pour the mixture in the Pan...LEAVE THAT THING ALONE! don't poke, prod or half-lift it to "check if it's ready" for flipping. It will tell you when it's ready. When you see the bubbles... It's time. Until then just leave it alone or you will most likely end up with a delicious Mis-shapen mess. resist the temptation. Trust me, I know all too well *blush*

1. Whisk everything except the flour together in a large bowl till combined. (obviously not your toppings either hehe) then add the flour and mix till you have a runny batter.
2. Pour batter into frypan on medium heat (if you don't have non-stick you'll have to grease it with a bit of butter first)
Let it heat until you see lots of bubbles, like so:

3. Then carefully flip it over with a plastic egg flip/spatula and let the other side cook for a minute at the longest. You can check it when it's this side up coz it's solid enough.

(yeh, i messed up the side...again. sigh)

4. Place on a plate in a warm oven while making the rest. Stack as u go.